Bumblebee Vibrating Wolf Fang Crystal Set

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Enhance size, strength, sensation and power with this revolutionary couples cock ring! The large, thick sleeves are ribbed on the outside, giving her extra feel and girth and supporting your pole for a big orgasm. Open end tickling teases your head. Above and below, mini vibes buzz your balls and her clitoris for wild fun. An elastic ring hugs your testicles for wicked feel and support. Get the boost ring that will drive you both crazy! This ring comes with everything you need to enhance performance and sensation - so you both can enjoy your orgasms to the fullest. Slip this cock ring on your erection and you'll immediately notice the way the stretchy TPR supports you. Its thick loops also add to the waistline and it's ribbed all the way along its length. When you penetrate your lover, she will feel every inch of stimulation! The open end of the sleeve leaves the tip of your erection free and teased with an extra tickler ring.

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