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Sagami Repair Cream
☞Improve scrotal moisture and improve sperm motility
☞Zeng Dazeng, Zeng Qiangbo, Qishi Gengdu
☞Balances hormones and improves endurance
☞Reduce sensitivity and repair cavernous body

Introduction to Sagami Soda Cream:
    Sagami component:

       The four core ingredients of Sagami are "natural Vigo" yohimbine extract, "Shumin Shenhua" golden chamomile extract, "a thousand pieces of gold" epimedium extract, and "plant gold" Eucommia ulmoides extract.
       Yohimbine extract: increases muscle tone, suppresses urine without damaging effect; accelerates body energy metabolism, increases energy supply. It dilates the arteries of the penis, increases the blood flow in the cavernous sinuses of the penis, and causes the penis to become engorged and erect. It has a very significant effect on increasing the length of the penis and improving sexual performance. It can also produce psychological excitement and increase sexual desire.
       Golden chamomile extract: highly effective in anti-allergy, repairing sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and strengthening immunity. Restores ruptured capillaries, improves elasticity, eliminates swelling, and strengthens tissues.
       Epimedium extract: Epimedium, also known as three-branch and nine-leaf grass, has miraculous effects on aphrodisiac and kidney. Since ancient times, it has been commonly known as "a thousand taels of gold", and a thousand taels of gold cannot be exchanged.
       Epimedium is pungent, sweet and warm in nature, and acts on the liver and kidney meridians. It is an important medicine for replenishing life gate, replenishing essence and qi, strengthening muscles and bones, tonifying kidneys and strengthening yang. It is commonly used clinically to treat male impotence, premature ejaculation, incontinence of urination and female infertility.
       Modern research shows that epimedium can stimulate sexual function and promote semen secretion in animals. It also has the effects of lowering blood pressure (causing peripheral vasodilation), increasing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood flow, and promoting hematopoietic function.
       Eucommia ulmoides extract: China's precious nourishing medicinal material. It has the effects of replenishing liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, regulating Chong and Ren, stabilizing menstruation and relieving miscarriage. It can treat waist and leg pain or soreness and weakness caused by kidney yang deficiency, unconsolidated fetuses caused by liver qi deficiency, and wet and itchy scrotum. It is listed as top grade in "Shen Nong's Materia Medica".

Sagami Sodai Principle:
       Using the world's leading technology "ultrasonic cycle extraction" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the latest stem cell technology from Switzerland, we extract biologically functional small molecules less than 400 daltons, achieving rapid transdermal absorption, repairing the corpus cavernosum, promoting sperm motility and balance The effects of male hormone secretion, Zeng Shi Geng, Zeng Da, and body recharging.
Who is Sagami suitable for?
1. Longing for adult men who are big and thick.
2. Men with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction;
3. Men whose sexual life is not harmonious
4. Men who are in poor physical condition and want to improve their sexual function;
5. Men who are overstressed, nervous, have poor sleep, and are prone to fatigue, resulting in inability to have sex;
6. People whose male hormone secretion imbalance leads to impotence, premature ejaculation and penile dysplasia

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