Japanese Sagami delay spray essential product

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Originating from today’s 200-year-old legendary formula‼ ️
Just spray it lightly and it will take effect in 30 minutes‼ ️
Effective delay is 20-60 minutes‼ ️
Can improve ejaculation threshold, antibacterial cleansing
Oral sex without numbness makes love last longer🥰

Japanese Sagami delay spray experience pack men's delay spray non-numbing long-lasting energy cream HT

What's so great about Sagami spray? It's said to be non-numbing? If the nerves are not numbed, the sensitive nerves will still allow men to reach the ejaculation threshold in a short period of time. So what exactly is the stable delay? It is understood that the principle of this Sagami spray is not the traditional numbing of nerves, but a combination of Japan's latest neurotransmitter repair technology. The active factors in the spray are used to screen and calm the neurotransmitters of sensitive cells, so that the sensitive cells can be calmed down. Cell nerves gradually transform into normal, thereby achieving a delayed effect.

Effects of Sagami Delay Spray:
       This is Brother Hu’s feedback. After using our new Sagami Delay Spray, the feedback is different. It makes my previously frigid girlfriend become passionate again!

Because of the short time before, Xiao Sun and his girlfriend had never felt the taste of orgasm. As time went by, the relationship between friends became weaker, and there was no passion for sex, and there was no love from sex, so for their own The situation made Xiao Sun very helpless until he met me, Sagami Official Xiaoyu. After exchanging some very basic common sense with me, I recommended our new Sagami Delay Spray to him!
       The first time I used it, I had a different feeling. It lasted from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Xiao Sun and his girlfriend regained their passion. Thank you Sagami!



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