Gold Pheromone Perfume (Gold for Men)

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What about pheromone perfume?

Pheromone perfume is a biological attraction product developed based on human body physiology and biological characteristics. The key ingredients contained in the product itself are endocrine substances that every natural person can secrete normally. When pheromone perfume is distributed in a certain space, especially when two people are in the same room, pheromones come into play. This substance can make the atmosphere between two people ambiguous, and the sexual elements begin to bloom, until the two people hug, kiss and roll over each other. At this stage, you will not even feel the slightest resistance. This is the role of pheromones in this process. It plays a magical role in making the atmosphere between two people harmonious, so that some "coincidence" things happen.

Fromon men's perfume, what are the floron perfumes for men?

details as follows:

Pheromone perfume is added with a kind of pheromones (English: Pheromone), which can make people want to sleep.

Other Chinese translations: pheromone, pheromone, pheromone, or xiangousu) substances.

There are many types of pheromones, including those used for tracking, alarms, etc. The ones used in sex perfumes are sex pheromones.

It allows animals of the same species to transmit messages between different individuals through the sense of smell, causing behavioral or physiological changes, that is, inducing the opposite sex.

It is an invisible, odorless and ubiquitous chemical molecule. Derived from steroids in the human body. It can emanate from sweat glands and surface cells of the skin, directly affecting the subconscious layer of the brain responsible for emotions.

Only a very low dose of human pheromones can initiate the potential response of the vomeronasal organ and cause changes in physiological phenomena.

Knowledge expansion:

Introduction to pheromones:

Also called pheromone, it refers to a substance secreted by one individual outside the body and detected by other individuals of the same species through the olfactory organs (such as accessory olfactory bulb and vomeronasal organ), causing the latter to display certain behaviors, emotions, and psychology. or substances that alter physiological mechanisms.

It has communication capabilities. Almost all animals have evidence of the presence of pheromones. In 1959, it was announced that female silkworm moths secrete sex pheromones, which was the first scientific proof that sex pheromones definitely existed.

The word pheromone comes from the Greek words "φέρω" (meaning "I carry") and "ὁρμή" (meaning "stimulus"), which together mean "I carry stimulus".

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